About the Trance

The Trance is a performance ensemble dedicated to the creation of new collaborative works that blur the lines between mediums and engender new visions of theatre.

Founded by Maggie Veach, the vision of The Trance is one of a safe space to collaborate, experiment, combine, and explore new ways of looking at how performance grows out of the individual artist’s urgent need to communicate.  Clarity, excellence, and courage are hallmarks of the work to be created by The Trance as new performance is born through a merging of theatre, poetry and dance… The Trance.

Learn more about the spirit of The Trance from Artistic Director Maggie Veach…


Hello Trance Community!
The Trance is a group that formed in my mind one evening…
What if there was a place where artists could feel safe to create? What if there was a place where new experimental work could be done, where we can throw things around; laugh, cry, create, move, be?  The Trance was created from three words:  poetry, theatre and dance.  These three components of art have been a strong influence in my life and my artistry. So, why not combine them? Take –the from theatre, take –tr from poetry, and take the 
ance from dance. The Trance was born, as a title anyway…
The idea for the group was shaped through my experience with art and with artists. There are some great artists in this world who need a safe space to create. That’s what I hope The Trance can be.  A place outside of time, outside of the world, we are entranced.  And, to those who come to watch and view our creations, it is a moment for you as a viewer to step into another world.  Come and be entranced!
Ever open,
Maggie Veach