Last Gasp, First Breath


Last Gasp, First Breath – an evening-length work of theatre, poetry, and movement is the premiere of a new Chicago performance ensemble – The Trance.  Theater, poetry and dance merge, challenge, and manifest through the work of playwright, poet, and director Maggie Veach. The Edge Theatre located at 5451 N. Broadway in Chicago, IL serves as the venue for Ms. Veach’s unique theatrical voice.  Her work is at once poetic and political as she dives into the sometimes turbulent waters of contemporary life with passion, humor, grace, and empathy for our fragile human condition.   A compilation of Ms. Veach’s writing, Last Gasp confronts issues of gender, politics, sexuality, and race, through poetry and plays that have a uniquely humanist view.

Performances are at 7 and 9 PM on Saturday, May 11, 2019 with a celebration reception to follow the 9 PM performance. Tickets are $20 for Adults and $15 for students.

      About the Author and Director

maggie black and white  Maggie Veach graduated cum laude with a degree in Theatre from Otterbein University in 2016. She started writing poetry when she was ten years old and has been writing ever since. She attended the Otterbein University poetry/photography workshop and went on to attend the Kenyon College Young Writer’s Workshop with her work published in Burn After Reading as part of the Kenyon Review.  In 2016 she directed Brecht’s Mother Courage and Her Children and also served as assistant director on many other Otterbein Theatre productions and had her work produced on Otterbein Theatre’s Festival.  She was commissioned by Columbus Dance Theatre for their production of Moving Words in 2017 where an evening-length dance/theatre work was created from her poetry.  Maggie enjoyed her work as an Intern with Chicago’s Collaboraction Theatre Company in 2017-2018 where she worked on the Peacebook Project.  She now resides in Chicago and has initiated a new performance ensemble, The Trance, a combining of theatre, poetry, and dance pushing the possibilities of theatrical performance.

Excerpts from Last Gasp, First Breath

Play Sample – Click Here:  A Long Night

Poetry Sample:


She: sits betwixt the thought and the dream.

She: stops right before as after whispers quietly.

She: sleeps near doubts and drops of confidence.

She: sneaks into accomplished mayhaps.

She: shuts in her talent and releases her fears.

She: swipes away the faded ink and smudges the next page.

She: sings alone with all the notes at her back.

A she, she never knew could be.